The Impact of Faculty of Study on Students’ Satisfaction: A Study of Four Private Universities in Nigeria

  •  Oluwunmi Olufunke    


Due to the increasing number of educational institutions in Nigeria, Universities (particularly private Universities) are competing to attract more students into their faculties. In a bid to achieve this goal, these Universities are making all efforts to satisfy their students. This paper therefore examines the impact of the faculty of study on students’ satisfaction with academic facilities in four (4) private Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria. To achieve this, seven hundred and seventy (770) questionnaires were developed and distributed randomly to the students and a response rate of 71% was achieved. Data was analysed using frequency tables, percentages, cross-tabulation and Kruskal Wallis Test. The result of the analysis reveals that faculty of study significantly influences students’ satisfaction. Implications of these finding and future research directions are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.