Students’ Errors in Solving the Permutation and Combination Problems Based on Problem Solving Steps of Polya

  •  Sukoriyanto Sukoriyanto    
  •  Toto Nusantara    
  •  Subanji Subanji    
  •  Tjang Chandra    


This article was written based on the results of a study evaluating students’ errors in problem solving of permutation and combination in terms of problem solving steps according to Polya. Twenty-five students were asked to do four problems related to permutation and combination. The research results showed that the students still did a mistake in understanding the problems related to permutation and combination, the students still made a mistake in planning problem solving related to permutation and combination, and the students still had a mistake in rechecking the problems given. Besides, there were some students who did the combination problem by using the permutation problem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.