Market-Based Approaches to Quality Assessment and Management of Higher Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  •  Zarina Valikhanova    


This article considers the problems of the definition of quality in the educational sphere. Alternative approaches to the concept of quality of education and its evaluation are determined given the different approaches of scientists and experts. The most important criteria in assessing the quality is distinguished and formed in the matrix for quality control and to further enhance the higher education institutions. For the formation of the quality policy as it is conventionally defined in the market environment, interested parties are considered in the quality of education. The article shows an example of quality environment, you can analyze and generate a correct policy of higher education institution, taking into account the market environment and the matrix quality can complement each other in the process of quality management education. The article also discusses the current situation in the market of educational services of the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on the data that are not presented in the article. It is invited to consider the quality index which is formed on the basis of analysis of the “price-quality”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.