Types, Problems and Their Causes, and Solutions to the Offences against the Environmental Laws by Probationers in Maha Sarakham Province

  •  Somchai Wanlu    
  •  Adisak Singseewo    
  •  Paitool Suksringarm    


This study aimed to explore types, problems and their causes, and solutions to the offences against the environmental laws of probationers in Maha Sarakham Province. The study comprised 2 phases: Phase 1 was a study of types of the offences against the environmental laws: and phase 2 was an interview with 25 people directly dealing with the probationers including judges, public prosecutors, probation officers, lawyers and 20 probationers. The findings revealed that the offence types against the environmental laws were both criminal cases and civil suit cases which caused impacts on the environment and natural resources. Most problems were caused from offenders’s lack of knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the environmental laws, no participation in the environmental conservation, unemployment, drug addiction, moral decline, incorrect values, broken families, economy recession, poverty, social inequality, and communication technology problems etc. Hence, the solutions to solve these problems are educating the people about the related laws starting from a family, a school, a training institution both in government and private agencies: building a good sense toward the society and environment: and building the habit of participation in maintaining the social regulations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.