Historiography of Developing the Issue of the Information Skills in the Social and Cultural Space of the Further Education

  •  Kucher Pavlovna    
  •  Kolyeva Stanislavovna    


The paper deals with the problem of historiography, presented in three stages: the first stage (50-90s of the ХХ century) is characterized by the introduction of a scientific apparatus expertise creating the preconditions of differences between concepts, the release of an independent direction of history of social and cultural activities. In the second phase (90-2000s) pedagogical research appears on the problem of the formation of different types of competence (professional, informational, social, psychological, communication, legal, social, cultural and educational). The methodology of historical and educational research created and refined conceptual framework of social and cultural activities. The third phase (2000 to the present) is characterized by comprehensive research in the field of information competence, substantiation of theoretical and methodological framework, the researchers conducted an analysis of the phenomenon of leisure activities from the standpoint of the theory of culture, an emphasis on cultural needs, which are the motivation for leisure-time activities.

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