Professional Competence Development of the Social Work Specialists in the Period of Study in the System of Additional Education

  •  Denis Davletkaliev    
  •  Natalia Zueva    
  •  Natalya Lebedeva    
  •  Irina Mkrtumova    
  •  Olga Timofeeva    


The goal of this work is the study of psychological-pedagogical approaches to the understanding of the idea of professional competence of social work specialists as well as the role of study in the system of additional educations in professional-personal development of the listeners. In the process of study of this problem we define main professional competences of a social work specialist, in particular, special, communicative, analytical, reflexive, analytical, motivation-personal, social, individual. The specific nature of the educational space with the effective approaches, technologies and forms of education of the adults in the system of additional education and its influence on the development of the specialists’ professional competence are represented in this article.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.