Towards a Better Investment of University Students in Light of the Twentieth Century Challenges

  •  Ismael Al-Nabrawi    
  •  Malek Jdaitawi    
  •  Feras Talafha    


Present study has been conducted with the purpose of impact of university skills training on students psycho-social and cognitive skills of males’ students in preparatory year deanship in university of Dammam in 2014/2015. The present study is quasi-experimental pre-post-test design was used with control group. The study sample was 150 subjects and randomly assigned into experimental and control group. The experimental group was trained four days. Findings of ANOVA, MANOVA and MANCOVA showed that the training program was positively and significantly effect on self-confidence, self-assertiveness, tolerance of responsibility and problem solving. Furthermore, the results also showed that students had a significant difference on self-assertiveness and self-awareness based on their study track. Thus, a comprehensive training program is needed in the field of university life to help students adjust and success.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.