Developing Student-Centered Learning Model to Improve High Order Mathematical Thinking Ability

  •  Sahat Saragih    
  •  Elvis Napitupulu    


The purpose of this research was to develop student-centered learning model aiming to improve high order mathematical thinking ability of junior high school students of based on curriculum 2013 in North Sumatera, Indonesia. The special purpose of this research was to analyze and to formulate the purpose of mathematics lesson in high order mathematical thinking ability and also to develop and to try-out the learning model developed. The subject of the research was 7th graders from state and private Junior High School in Medan and Deli Serdang, which were taken proportional randomly. It was elected SMP N 36, SMPN 2 Tembung, and private SMP Bandung Bandar Khalifah. This developmental Research that orientated on developing product was done in three steps. From the first step, it was revealed that either lesson preparation (students’ book, teachers’ guided, and lesson material) or the instrument was judged valid and need only a little revision. Analysis on data revealed that the students’ high order thinking ability especially in mathematical problem solving, mathematical understanding, and mathematical communication enhanced significantly. By analysis, the reliability of instruments on mathematical understanding, mathematical problem solving, and mathematical communication ability was categorized good.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.