The Power of ROFO Principle Together with Companywide Training in Executing Lean Production Strategy

  •  Ah Bee Goh    
  •  Nopasit Chakpitak    
  •  Pradorn Sureephong    


This paper reports the findings of the case study conducted at Schaffner Thailand (ST) factory regarding the application of the ROFO principle coupled with companywide training on the execution of Lean Production (LP) strategy. The case study was motivated by 3 main objectives: 1) to examine the effectiveness of the ROFO principle and companywide training on the execution of LP strategy, 2)to study whether there were significant improvements in productivities between periods I and II, and 3) to assess whether ROFO principle had influenced significantly in changing the mindset of the staff. Companywide training was carried out on 3 modules: the ROFO principle, 5S and Lean Production (LP) concepts. The training of the 3 modules was implemented in period II (2008 to 2012) but not in period I (2003 to 2007). The methods used were survey, interview, and observations. The findings fully support the 3 objectives. The results were encouraging as productivities were not only improved in period II but also the willingness mindset of the staff. This is the power of the ROFO principle as each cycle of the ROFO principle resulted in a chain of corrective actions and learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.