Implementation of the Biosphere Compatibility Principle in Urban Planning: How to Train Next-Generation Specialists

  •  Zinaida Ivanova    
  •  Olga Yudenkova    
  •  Aleksandr Ishkov    
  •  Evgeny Shnyrenkov    


The co-authors address the relevant issues concerning the need to implement the principle of the biosphere compatibility as the core prerequisite for the symbiotic co-existence of man and nature. Caring treatment of the biosphere, termination of its excessive exploitation, analysis of the ratio between the biospheric potential of specific areas and the needs of their population represent the most relevant problems. Ecological problems are particularly grave in Russia. However, only the new generation of specialists, having the ecological awareness and applying nature preservation techniques to their activities, can meet the challenge. The authors provide the findings of the sociological survey into the state of the human capital in the Russian urban planning industry and propose a set of actions aimed at its improvement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.