The Management of the Enrichment Curriculum in Public Madrasah Aliyah 1 Unggulan Tulungagung Indonesia

  •  Abdul Manab    


The objective of this research is to examine: 1) the background in doing the curriculum enrichment; 2) the stages in managing the curriculum enrichment, and 3) the implications and the management of the curriculum enrichment. It is qualitative and naturalistic in nature with a case-study approach and, an interpretative analysis was made on the empirical data using a reflective-interpretatif method and a theory of analysis of spiral data. The results showed that 1) the curriculum enrichment was made by an educational institution, related to the excellence program, and its implementation was based on the academic experiences and tried to apply ideas of modernity; 2) teachers were very dominant in doing the changes and also in making the analysis, in determining the indicators of the curriculum materials for MAN I Unggulan Tulungagung, and anything was are based on the decision of the educational institution as the implementing manager; 3) since the curriculum enrichment is competence and professional needs, in terms of the learning activities and the learning results, the supervision and control should be integrally considered. The implication of the curriculum enrichment in madrasah is the improvement of the competence in the science and technology without ignoring iman (faith), Islam and ihsan (good deed).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.