A Constructive Teaching Model in Learning Research Concept for English Language Teaching Students

  •  Khoirul Anwar    


This is a study to focus on analyzing the use of constructive teaching method toward the students’ motivation in learning content subject of Introduction to Research of English Language Teaching. By using a mix-method of qualitative and quantitative analysis, the data are collected by using questionnaire and classroom observation. The questionnaire is given to the twenty subjects of the fifth semester students at English Language Education department of University of Muhammadiyah Gresik who join the subject of Introduction to Research in English Language Teaching. The class had already undergone the implementation of a lesson study on the use of constructive teaching method handled by a team teaching of four lecturers. After the implementation, the class is observed and recorded to collect the qualitative data and then reduced, displayed, and drawn into research conclusion. The results show that the constructive teaching method had stimulated students’ motivation in learning especially on the students’ engagement in individual and group activities that is the more the students engaged the more motivated they are. The motivation, in fact, can be triggered by two complementary ways that is from individuals to members of the group or from the group to individuals. This study implied that the process of learning content course in English Language Teaching is highly important to be considered because this will automatically influence the students’ motivation to learn and finally achieve the learning materials better.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.