The Implementer Disposition of Teacher Certification Policy in Indonesia

  •  Marnih Malkab    
  •  Juanda Nawawi    
  •  Alimuddin Mahmud    
  •  Eko Sujiono    


This research aims to examine and analyze the implementers disposition in the implementation of teacher certification policy in Makassar City and to know how is the disposition affects in successful implementation policy. This research is descriptive by using a qualitative approach. Sources of data in this study are primary data from the informants and secondary data using library research. This research used qualitative methods so that researcher as the manager of the research to be one of the instruments for collecting data, and also as the key instrument. Data was gathered by way of interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of research showed that the attitude of the implementer requiring payment of the certification candidate is not in accordance with the rules that apply in the recruitment of candidates for certification, and the issue has an effect of the implementation on successfully teacher certification policy. The implementers policy must follow procedure in accordance with the established guidelines or regulations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.