The Development of Innovative Chemistry Learning Material for Bilingual Senior High School Students in Indonesia

  •  Manihar Situmorang    
  •  Marham Sitorus    
  •  Wesly Hutabarat    
  •  Zakarias Situmorang    


The development of innovative chemistry learning material for bilingual Senior High School (SHS) students in Indonesia is explained. The study is aimed to obtain an innovative chemistry learning material based on national curriculum in Indonesia to be used as a learning media in the teaching and learning activities. The learning material is developed by enhancing the chemistry topics to meet the requirement of a national curriculum followed by integration of laboratory experiments, learning media, and contextual application of the relevant chemistry topics. The material is then designed in printed and electronic bases. The performance of developed chemistry material is standardized to meet good quality learning material for class purposes. The results showed that the performance of developed chemistry materials is categorized as very good. The developed learning material is found effective to be used in teaching and learning process, and be able to motivate the students to learn chemistry. The facilities provided in the material are adequate to guide the student to study chemistry independently that make learning activities moving from teacher centre learning become students centre learning. Students achievements in experimental class (M = 83.0) is found higher than that with control class (M = 73.5), where both are significantly different. There is a positive correlation between the student’s motivations with the student’s achievement in chemistry subject, where the correlation in experimental class (R² = 0.711) is better than in control class (R² = 0.467).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.