Development Parenting Model to Increase the Independence of Children

  •  Kustiah Sunarty    
  •  Gufran Dirawan    


This study examines parenting and the child’s independence model. The research problem is whether there is a relationship between parenting and the child’s independence. The purpose of research is to determine: firstly, the type of parenting in an effort to increase the independence of the child; and the relationship between parenting models and the child’s independence. The study population was a junior high school student in the city of Makassar. Data were collected through the scale/questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using descriptive analysis statistics and statistical inferential. The results showed that: firstly the type of parenting patterns used today in relation with the independence of children are respectively: positive parenting, democratic, authoritarian, permissive, negative/unhealthy, and derelict; secondly, a positive parenting and a democratic parenting model can increase the child’s independence, and finally, there is a positive and significant relationship between parenting models and the child independence.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.