The Future Justification to Adopt Governance System at the Jordan Universities from the Perspective of Educational Experts

  •  Natheer Abu-Nair    


The aim of the study was to reveal the future justification to adopt governance system at the Jordanian Universities from the perspective of educational experts. The study society was the academic staff in the field of education at Al-Balqa Applied University and Jordan University, at the first semester of the academic year 2013-2014. The study sample consisted of 30 academic members. The researcher used the analytical descriptive approach by using Delphi method as an analytical tool for the future justification. The questionnaire for the study consisted of 19 items after verifying its authenticity and approval. The results have revealed that the academic members agreed on the transparency factors and it was 88%. Also, they have agreed on accountability and control and it was (90%). They agreed on the justice and equality factors with a percentage of 94%. According to the results; the study has recommended that review obstacles to apply the concept of university governance which were: The general political climate, the university legislations, the university administration process. The researcher recommended that the concept of university governance and its implications still need more studies have to be conducted using different influential factors. Future directions for research, policy and practices are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.