Determining e-Portfolio Elements in Learning Process Using Fuzzy Delphi Analysis

  •  Syamsul Mohamad    
  •  Mohamed Embi    
  •  Norazah Nordin    


The present article introduces the Fuzzy Delphi method results obtained in the study on determining e-Portfolio elements in learning process for art and design context. This method bases on qualified experts that assure the validity of the collected information. In particular, the confirmation of elements is based on experts’ opinion and consensus. The consensus survey constructed based on the emergent themes the experts raised from the conducted interview. For this purpose about 23 experts in instructional technology involved in the interview and responses the survey. As resulted, the Fuzzy Delphi will interpret the decision making made by experts based on priority as a guideline to the best practices and mechanism of implementing e-Portfolio as methodological tool.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.