Using Technology and Instructional E-Material among Technical Teacher and Student into Teaching and Learning: A Qualitative Case Study

  •  Mohamad Hashim    


The development of instructional electronic material or e-material for electrical and electronic studies was developed by many companies and institutions. However, the quality of the designed and the potentiality to use as a tool in teaching and learning is still doubtful. For this reason, the aim of this research was to understand the using technology and Instructional E-Material among technical teacher and student into teaching and learning. A qualitative case study methodology had been used to collect and analysis the data rigorously through several activities of interview, analysis of documentation and observation by researchers. The research was done at two established technical schools in Malaysia which involved some students and teachers in the schools. The finding shows that using technology into teaching and learning was preferred by technical teachers and students and e-material as a tool which will be enhanced to understand the subject of electrical and electronic as well. Assuredly, the teachers have masterly integrated in the e-material with their process of teaching and the students have to properly integrate into their learning process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.