Self-Development of Pedagogical Competence of Future Teacher

  •  Alsu Mirzagitova    
  •  Linar Akhmetov    


Relevance of a considered problem is caused by that situation, in which appeared pedagogical education of Russia at present. Absence of clear understanding of prospect of school, of requirements to the modern teacher, of the purposes of students training in the conditions of continuous reformed education brought in pedagogical universities to loss of vision of prospect. Nowadays problems of the teacher’s training are very actual for new school. The info field changes very quickly. Taking into account these factors, it is important to organize process of training of future teachers so that it was enough received tools: methods, receptions, and ways of receiving, processing and transfer of information–in order that adequate to requirements of time to carry out the professional pedagogical activity with the greatest effect. It is possible only at combination of educational training of the student with self-development of pedagogical competence. In article the conditions necessary for formation of motivation to self-development of pedagogical competence of students are considered. And also the main conditions of process of formation of pedagogical competence of future teachers are considered.

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