Training Needs of Governmental Schools’ Principals Hosting Kindergartens Classes: The Case for Jordan

  •  Mamdouh Ashraah    
  •  Ali Al-Olaimat    
  •  Hanan Takash    


This study aimed at identifying the training needs of governmental schools’ principals with kindergarten classes. The sample of the study consisted of a random sample of (62) female principal. The instrument of the study was developed by the researchers and included 60 items distributed on four domains (planning, organizing, guidance, and assessment). The results of this study indicated that governmental school principals needed training in the areas of planning, organization, guidance and assessment. The results also indicated that academic qualification and years of experience did not have any statistically significant effect on domains of the study. The study provided a number of recommendations such as designing training courses for governmental schools’ principals, increasing the number of training courses and programs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.