Intensification of the Students’ Self-Development Process When Performing Design and Settlement Works on the “Machine Parts” Course

  •  Rais Timerbaev    
  •  Rafis Muhutdinov    
  •  Valeriy Danilov    


The article addresses issues related to the methodology of intensifying self-development process when performing t design and settlement works on the “Machine Parts” course for the students studying in such areas of training as “Technology” and “Vocational Education” with the use of computer technologies. At the same time, there are formulated the required pedagogical conditions that must be provided to all participants of the educational process, and accordingly, there are disclosed methodological aspects of the design and settlement work performance by means of specialized computer software.

This in turn makes it possible to intensify the students’ self-development process during the study of the “Machine parts” course. To succeed in the intensification of the students’ self-development process when performing design and settlement works on the “Machine Parts” course, there should be develop appropriate pedagogical conditions.

The most effective implementation of this methodology may be performed through the usage of specialized computer software.

There is provided a technology of designing two-stage parallel-shaft reduction gear unit based on specialized computer software Compass 3D.

Implementation of specialized computer software when performing a course project on “Machine Parts” allows intensifying the self-development quality of students within the educational process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.