Education of Tolerant Personality of a Future Specialist as the Social-Pedagogical Phenomenon

  •  Tokkulinova Kaztaevna    
  •  Assylova Omarovna    
  •  Tleuzhanova Askerkhanovna    
  •  Burkitbaeva Zhanarbekovna    
  •  Kazhieva Erezhepovna    


The article raises the problem of education of tolerance in students as a social and pedagogical phenomenon and stresses the importance and urgency of this problem at the present stage of society development. The author examines the theoretical basis and the possibility of development of tolerant relations in vocational education as a special value of human rights, which states respect for the opinions of others, to various forms of self-expression and human individuality. The definition of «tolerance» offers diversified understanding of the content and the value of this characteristic. The study of the theoretical sources allowed the authors to outline the objectives and activities to promote tolerance. Solutions for selected tasks considered arsenal of interactive approaches in educational work. Analysis of the available resources and opportunities of higher education has led the authors to the idea of independent structural unit in the structure of university that encourages tolerance, high morality, which would be, according to the authors, the quality indicators of education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.