The Quality of a ‘Local Values Based’ Fuctional Literacy Program: Its Contribution to the Improvement of the Learner’s Basic Competencies

  •  Uyu Wahyudin    


Literacy facilitators across the archipelago are currently faced with the challenge to integrate local values in functional literacy education programs, because its integration is a new aspect. This makes localized literacy content a hard thing to implement. Yet, if properly conducted, it can lead to improved learner’s basic competencies. In an effort to improve the learner’s competencies based on localized content, it is necessary to develop the facilitator’s competencies in regard to use of localized materials, as a measure to improve the quality of the learners. In this paper, the researcher aims to bring forward a model of functional literacy education based on local culture (values) for quality performance of the community learning centers within a learning society. The research reveals that literacy education based on local culture or local content can improve the quality of learning. The conclusion is that a model combining localized content, can enrich learning in this globalized world. Such a model can help learners to act locally, but with a globalized mind.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.