A Proposed Pedagogical Approach for Preparing Teacher Candidates to Incorporate Academic Language in Mathematics Classrooms

  •  Woong Lim    
  •  Lynn Stallings    
  •  Dong Kim    


The purpose of this article is to present issues related to prioritizing academic language in teaching performance assessments and to propose a pedagogical approach that prepares middle grades mathematics teacher candidates to teach academic language. Based on our experience with teacher candidates and our knowledge of edTPA standards involving academic language, we suggest several steps for effective implementation. Key concerns about academic language with edTPA are problematic aspects of emphasis on syntax, challenging perspectives of incorporating academic language for productive discourse, and lack of research on the role of language functions or syntax in teaching mathematics. Keeping these concerns in mind for an effective implementation, we propose ways to facilitate learning of preservice teachers to develop lesson plans that connect objectives and language functions, and recommend the need for professional development for faculty and administrators, curriculum review and alignment, and provision of resources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.