Level of Psychological Burnout of a Sample of Secondary Phase Teachers in Ma’an Governorate and Its Relationship with Some Other Variables

  •  Omar Alkhateeb    
  •  Osama Kraishan    
  •  Raid Salah    


This study aimed at identifying the level of psychological burnout of a random sample of secondary phase teacher in Ma’an Governorate and its relationship with some other variables. The study sample consisted of 80 male and female Islamic education teachers in the schools of Ma’an Governorate in the southern part of Jordan. To this end, the researchers used Maslach’s scale for identifying the psychological burnout of teachers. Findings show that Islamic education teachers suffer a mid-level of psychological burnout and lack of achievements. In addition to the mid-level of general psychological burnout, findings also show that teachers suffer from a low-level dullness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.