The Extent to Which Teachers of Arabic Language in Al-Hisa Educational Directorate of Schools of Jordan Acquire E-Learning Competencies

  •  Nail Alhajya    
  •  Mari Guenaga    


This study aimed at recognizing the degree of availability for the e-teaching competencies shown by the Arabic language teachers at the district of Alhisa, in the light of the study variables: gender, School Stage and Experience. To accomplish the goals of the study the researchers prepared a questionnaire composed of 69 items that are distributed over four dimensions. After confidence being inspected and verified by specialists the questionnaire was distributed over the sample of the study (in this case it was the population) which was composed of 21 male and 30 female Arabic language teachers. The results indicated that all sample members obtained e teaching competencies by medium level. The results also indicated statistically significant differences among the sample members attributed to the gender to the favor of female teachers, while there were no statistically significant differences attributed to the school stage. There were statistically significant differences among sample members attributed to the experience to the favor of male teachers who have experience 1-5 years.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.