Entrepreneurship Education: Experiences in Selected Countries

  •  Rosni Bakar    
  •  Md Islam    
  •  Jocelyne Lee    


Entrepreneurship and education play a role in enhancing the country’s economic state. Entrepreneurship helps the economy by providing job opportunities. The lack of job opportunities has caused unemployment rates to increase tremendously throughout the years making the development rate of a country slow down. One way for the economy to improve is by providing jobs for the unemployed. With technology improving day by day, the need for human labor decreases over time, this is where entrepreneurship comes in. The entrepreneur taking on the challenge of unemployment and provides an occupation for him and for others by being innovative is the act of entrepreneurship. Education is used to inspire entrepreneurship among young graduates in order for them to be able to produce job opportunities for themselves and their peers. Education is also seen as a method to eradicate poverty. Hand in hand, entrepreneurship and education plays a vital role and has been an interest of researchers. Entrepreneurship education is used to educate people with the skills and knowledge needed to be able to seize the opportunity presented. This paper discusses entrepreneurship and economic growth followed by entrepreneurship education along with the efforts and obstacles faced by Europe, China, Malaysia and Nigeria in enhancing entrepreneurship education. The paper intends to provide an understanding on entrepreneurship and its role in economic growth and entrepreneurship education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.