An Analytical Framework for Analysing Secondary EFL Writing Curriculum: Approaches for Writing and Preparation for Higher Education

  •  Fatima Al-Hammadi    
  •  Harison Sidek    


Academic writing is perhaps the most important skill required in higher education learning for the purposes of academic communication, academic performance, as well as academic achievement and success. However, many studies carried out in an EFL context showed that the majority of students face difficulties and challenges in acquiring effective academic writing skills. Furthermore, it has been reported that most writing problems students face at a university level seem to be associated with certain deficits in the preparation process at the secondary level with regards to both curriculum and instruction. Consequently, this research presents an analytical framework for analysing EFL secondary writing curriculum in order to help educational institutions, curriculum designers and educators to develop the EFL writing curriculum for secondary schools, in addition to promoting effective teaching and learning strategies that will equip students with the writing skills they need at the higher education level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.