The Relationship between Parental Abuse and Psychological Safety of the Children at the City of Amman and the Central Valleys of Jordan

  •  Hanan Al-Anani    


The purpose of this study was to identify the degree of parental abuse and psychological security of the child, as well as the degree differences of these variables, based on the gender, the age and place of residency. The aim of this study also was to detect the relationship between parental abuse and the psychological security of the child. The sample consisted of (207) children aged between (5-10) years, living in the city of Amman and Central Ghor Valleys in Jordan. The validity and reliability of the scales were ensured, as “T” test and means were used in this study. The study findings concluded the following:

The degree of parental abuse, physical and emotional, was medium. The degree of psychological security was high.

There were statistical significant differences in physical, emotional and total abuse due to place of residency toward children at the Central Ghor Valleys in addition to the children at the city of Amman in security factor.

There was negative and significant relationship between parental, and psychological abuse.

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