The Development of Reflective Undergraduate Students: Assessing the Educational Benefits of Reflective Learning Logs in Entrepreneurship Module

  •  Yeoh Kheng    
  •  Sethela June    


The objective of this paper is to analyze written reflections on learning log of among the third and final year students undertaking an entrepreneurship module. Data was collected in the form of written reflection taken from the learning log of 140 students from 3 classes. At the end of the collection only 136 students’ responses were managed to be collected given 4 students failed to hand in the learning log. A thematic approach was utilized to present the reflections of the students and all data was recorded in a verbatim format. Findings show that most students have never written a reflective log or essay in the formative assessment. As a consequence, they had difficulty in writing the reflection when being requested to do so. This has resulted in their reflection being written descriptively which lacks in critical analysis and deep thinking. The results of this investigation have strongly suggested the need to urgently develop among the students the skills in writing reflectively as they go through the process of higher education which be useful in molding their future professional and entrepreneurial behavior as when they entered the job market which requires a critical reasoning ability. The limitation and future were discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.