Technology Leadership and Its Relationship with School-Malaysia Standard of Education Quality (School-MSEQ)

  •  Mohd Hamzah    
  •  Faridah Juraime    
  •  Aida Hamid    
  •  Norazah Nordin    
  •  Noraini Attan    


This study examined the level of technology leadership practice among administrators in High Performing Schools (HPS) and its relationship with School-Malaysia Standard of Education Quality (School-MSEQ). A set of questionnaires was administered to 96 administrators in 12 HPS of secondary schools category. The data were analysed and interpreted using SPSS version 16.0. The statistics used were descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Analysis of t-test, one way ANOVA and Pearson Correlation were used to test the hypotheses. This study found that the level of technology leadership practice was moderate with mean value at 3.934 and the practice of School-MSEQ among administrators was high with mean value at 4.729. There was no significant difference from the aspects of administration experiences and status pose of HPS administrators in term of the practice of technology leadership. This study revealed a relationship between technology leadership and School-MSEQ (r = 0.649, p<0.05) towards the practice of technology leadership among HPS administrators. The findings suggest that school administrators should play key roles in promoting technology in schools. It is hoped that the findings will improve the practice of school administrators and more studies should be conducted in the near future towards the improvement of technology leadership in schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.