Model of Lesson Study Approach during Micro Teaching

  •  Zanaton Iksan    
  •  Effandi Zakaria    
  •  Md. Daud    


Lesson study is a study of teaching to provide learning opportunities for teachers to enhance teachers' professional development. Advantages of this approach have been recommended by the Ministry of Education and implemented in stages in selected schools. Thus, students at the pre-service level should be given the exposure about lesson study. Lesson study was implemented by integrating the micro teaching training for the course curriculum and pedagogy. Students perform simulations in micro teaching for seven weeks. This article discusses the proposed model of lesson study integration in a micro teaching class. In addition, this paper also discusses the reflection of students at each element in this model. The implication of this study is the need for students to be given early exposure to lesson study so that they can apply it directly to their teaching practices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.