Transition Program: The Challenges Faced by Special Needs Students in Gaining Work Experience

  •  Aliza Alias    


Transition program for special needs students is known to open opportunities for students with learning disabilities to gain work experience in actual work environment. The program provides training activities and also an opportunity to go for internship to gain work experience. Therefore, this study is to identify the challenges faced by special needs students in gaining work experiences during their internships. Two students were selected and trained to acquire work-related skills as preparation for their internships. Findings from this study revealed that, at the beginning of the internships, both of the students have to overcome several challenges, working in their respective work places. The students were having problem in adjusting to their new work environment, interacting with co-workers, understanding instructions and also displaying negative attitudes. Fortunately with the assistance from special education teachers, supervisors and co-workers, both special needs students have proven that they were able to gain valuable work experience at the end of their transition program.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.