Developing Information Skills Test for Malaysian Youth Students Using Rasch Analysis

  •  Aidah Karim    
  •  Parilah Shah    
  •  Rosseni Din    
  •  Mazalah Ahmad    
  •  Maimun Lubis    


This study explored the psychometric properties of a locally developed information skills test for youth students in Malaysia using Rasch analysis. The test was a combination of 24 structured and multiple choice items with a 4-point grading scale. The test was administered to 72 technical college students and 139 secondary school students. The data from the test were fitted to the Rasch partial credit model using the Winsteps program in which the unidimensionality, reliability and person-item distribution map of the test were examined. The analysis showed all 24 items meet the Rasch model expectation and thus have a potential in assessing information skills of youth students in Malaysia. The findings showed that Rasch analysis could help researchers to refine the developed test in a systematic and informed manner.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.