The Discovery of the Traits of Gifted and Talented Students in ICT

  •  Mazalah Ahmad    
  •  Jamaluddin Badusah    
  •  Ahmad Mansor    
  •  Aidah Karim    


This study discovers talent development among the individuals who are gifted and talented in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Using qualitative research methods, data was gathered via interview sessions with three groups of respondents who have excelled in the field of ICT, namely the academicians in ICT, the practitioners, and the students who have exhibited their intelligence in ICT. The data was analyzed and structured based on Gagne Differentiated Model of Gifted and Talent (DMGT). Based on DMGT, the data was categorized to natural abilities, interpersonal catalyst, and environmental catalyst. The findings of the study discussed the pattern of talent development among the gifted and talented individuals in ICT from the aspects of life background, educational background, education and experience in ICT, and the support factors towards talent development. The findings of the study indicated that gifted and talented individuals in ICT should be recognized as a unique talent at par with the other fields regarding the context of gifted and talented. Schools should provide the assessment methods as well as the sources to identify and develop the potential of another group of extraordinary individuals in the 21st century.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.