The Implications of System 4 Approach on School Leadership

  •  Steph Khumalo    


School management is a highly contested research area. Credible research studies consistently argue that there is a positive relationship between school performance and school leadership. Like in any organisation, school principals deploy a number of leadership techniques to ensure that organisational objectives are achieved. School leadership is a barometer for school effectiveness. The organisation is as good or as bad as its leader. The rational for this study was to use system 4 theory of management (Likert theory) to investigate the effects of the leadership practices of the sampled primary school. Semi structured interviews, observation and document scanning were used as a form of research instrumentation. Data results to a significant extent show that (a) the case in point do resemble a system 4 organisation due to the leadership practices demonstrated by the incumbent and (b) the case in point convincingly reflects a high performing school.

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