Establishing Systematic Modular Courses for Key Teaching Competencies of Teachers in Hsinchu City

  •  Yuan-Chuan Cheng    
  •  Yin-Che Chen    
  •  Woei-Min Chiang    
  •  Chuan-Lien Yang    


The evolution of the Internet, trends in mobile device usage, and changes in the perceptions of city leaders and residents have gradually transformed cities into smart cities. Through a literature review, survey analysis, and focus group interview, this study explored the educational vision and consensus in developing Smart Hsinchu, and analyzed course requirements for key teaching competencies and contents of digital teaching abilities, all of which facilitate achieving the educational vision. Finally, this study established systemized modular courses for key teaching competencies and relevant strategies to promote these courses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.