Glamorous Education: Main Features and Manifestations

  •  Nikolaeva Mikhailovna    
  •  Schelkunov Dmitrievich    


Being a powerful social trend glamour culture has significant effect on a high education that results in the phenomenon of glamorous education (glam-education). Prerequisites of this type of education are democratization of high school that introduces stereotypes of glam-culture in educational environment; commercialization of education that uses glamour as marketing instrument. The aim of this article is to reveal specifics of content, communicative, value, existential components of glam-education. In content dimension glam-education is characterized by reduction of fundamental component of education. Communicative practices of glam-education are filled with the spirit of hedonism, they articulate entertainment and recreational components of education as it is revealed in the article. The authors prove that in value dimension glam-education has the character of image benefit: the value of knowledge is replaced by its symbols (diploma, certificate). Glam-education is one of manifestations of existential crisis of personality in modern society because individual tries to compensate for his/(her) alienation from real qualifications and competencies by glam-image of his/(her) education.

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