Relationship between Teachers and Students Based on New Curriculum-Face and Politeness in the Chinese English Teaching

  •  Wanli Zhao    


The paper objectively reviews the current situation of English teachers’ face and politeness unconsciousness in the Chinese English language classroom teaching. At the same time it analyzes the reasons for the lack of face and politeness. English Curriculum Standard calls for human concern that teachers should give students a complete respect, pay more attention to affective education from view of teachers, view of students and view of evaluation. Face and politeness principles in the second language acquisition also need teachers to protect students’ self-esteem, give students a suitable evaluation and encourage their autonomous English learning. On this basis, the paper probes into the relationship between students and teachers, and several suggestions on how to give students’ face and politeness are raised. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.