What do 2nd and 10th Graders Have in Common? Worms and Technology: Using Technology to Collaborate Across Boundaries

  •  Patti Culver    
  •  Angie Culbert    
  •  Judy McEntyre    
  •  Patrick Clifton    
  •  Donna F. Herring    
  •  Charles E. Notar    


The article is about the collaboration between two classrooms that enabled a second grade class to participate in a high school biology class. Through the use of modern video conferencing equipment, Mrs. Culbert, with the help of the Dalton State College Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC), set up a live, two way video and audio feed of the lab, across town, to Mrs. Patty Culver’s 2nd grade classroom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.