Construction and Practice of the New Business Specialty Talent Cultivation Mode

  •  Xiaokong Xiao    


The vocational education of business should actively adapt the demands of the domestic and foreign business development to cultivate high-quality applicable talents with international knowledge. The traditional business specialty teaching and the talent cultivation mode have not followed the domestic and foreign market demands, and are difficult to fulfill the requirements of multiple business posts in domestic and foreign enterprises, and the only way is to reform. In this article, the target of “three innovations and one construction” about the higher vocational business specialty teaching reform and the talent cultivation mode are proposed, i.e. actualizing the professional teaching innovation of “skills + arts”, the teacher construction innovation of “double teachers + famous teachers” and the fortune ability innovation of “employment + self-employment”, and aiming at these targets, deepening the cognition and practice of the reform, exploring and constructing the higher vocational Business Specialty Talent Cultivation system with demonstrative effect, strong pertinence and implementation feature, and realizing the objective to strengthen the professional education and serve for the economic and social developments.

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