Teachers’ Entrepreneurial Profile: Case Study

  •  Caio Stettiner    
  •  Alexandre Formigoni    
  •  Mário Filho    
  •  Mauricio de Camargo    
  •  Roberto Moia    


This article was prepared in order to investigate whether the teachers working in a Business Administration BA degree have an entrepreneurial profile, with the aim of finding whether such teachers are able to support the Pedagogical Proposal of the Institution to which they belong to in what concerns the requirement of the course and also the Pedagogical Proposal of the course itself. The methodological procedure adopted was the Documentary Analysis, i.e., a study that is based on documents such as books, statistic maps, journal articles and the procedure of a Case Study. The data collection technique adopted was also the Documentary Analysis plus a Survey-type questionnaire. As a result, the Research has shown that the teachers of said course do have an entrepreneurial profile that range from medium to medium-high, plus a good knowledge of Entrepreneurship Education, which can truly guarantee the Course Pedagogical Proposal.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.