Considering Transversal Competences, Personality and Reputation in the Context of the Teachers’ Professional Development

  •  Renata Cepic    
  •  Sanja Vorkapic    
  •  Darko Loncaric    
  •  Dunja Andic    
  •  Sanja Mihic    


The aim of this paper is to provide guidelines for reflection and improvement of transversal competences of teachers in the field of self-regulation, education for sustainable development and inclusion in the context of their continuing professional development. Also, the moderatory effect of personality based on literature analysis and insight into empirical results will be demonstrated. Teachers’ reputation determines the framework of their professional development and is strongly influenced by social challenges, globalization, integration, sustainability, technological development, etc. In addition, a strongly biologically determined teacher’s personality significantly moderates the relationship of their professional development and transversal competences. Transversal competences are recognized as the teachers’ important skills in their organization of the teaching and learning process and their professional development, as well as in the process of them teaching these competences to their students. “Learning to learn” is recognized as the key lifelong learning competence in the European policy documents and the environmental and sustainability issues are some of the most common transversal themes of the general education curricula. The focus on the transversal competences is relatively new in education policies and has emerged as a reaction to the increased professional demands for a response to current educational needs of all students in inclusive environments. Analysis of transversal competences in the aforementioned three fields and their connection to personality traits will contribute to new knowledge regarding the teachers’ professional education. Therefore, this paper will present the theoretical frameworks of the complex relationship between the teachers’ reputation, personality and transversal competences in the light of the contemporary educational contexts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.