Educational Reforms in Morocco: Evolution and Current Status

  •  Vicente Llorent-Bedmar    


Since 1956, the year in Morocco achieved independence, until now, the school system has been the subject of many discussions and controversies in the most varied areas of the country. We provide data on the educational situation. We analyze the reforms from a critical perspective, ending with final proposals. He underlined that the sector was experiencing a number of difficulties and problems due in particular to the adoption of syllabuses and courses that do not meet the needs of the labour market. Managing human resources is a key component of effective management with significant influence on the overall performance of schools. With a highly centralized structure, is structured in a preschool, primary, school, secondary, vocational and higher education with a very different way called Original Teachings rooted in the principles and ideals of the Arab-Muslim civilization. The latter is structured in three main stages of education: basic, secondary and higher education. We concluded by acknowledging the efforts made in recent years in the Moroccan education sector, although there is still a considerable number of clearly important aspects of improvement.

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