Educational Leaders and the Prospective Responsiveness to the Vast Drastic Educational Changes in the Abu Dhabi Emirate

  •  Mohammad Al-Zyoud    


This study examines the prospective responsiveness of school leaders to the drastic educational changes currently being instituted in Abu Dhabi. The study utilizes a qualitative research approach by using a focused group interview with twenty-five teachers selected by purposive sampling from Abu Dhabi Emirate schools.

The study revealed that schools are witnessing critical and continuous changes in all areas related to school leadership, teachers, pupils, curricula, teaching methods, school culture, resources, facilities, services, and infrastructures. Many of these critical changes affect the practice of educational leaders, including policy and decision making, technology use, innovative teaching, teacher training, principal preparation, quality of school facilities and services, and parental engagement.

The prospective school leader’s response to these changes, from the perspective of school leaders, is to make critical decisions to introduce and implement new technologies in schools, enhancing the quality of school curricula, teaching and learning, and educational resources and services. Furthermore, a school leader’s prospective response to the drastic changes varies and depends on the availability of highly qualified leaders, financial resources, and support from educational authorities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.