The Impact of Using Picture Books with Preschool Students in Taiwan on the Teaching of Environmental Concepts

  •  Ching-Yuan Hsiao    
  •  Pei-Yu Shih    


The aim of this study was to investigate preschool teachers’ use of picture books for teaching environmental concepts and the conservation of resources. Using an action research approach, twelve children aged 5-6 years old were recruited for this eight-week study. Eight picture books with an environmental education theme were selected for use in these classes. The results revealed that the pupils’ knowledge of environmental concepts was higher in the post-test than the pre-test. With regard to the conservation of resources, the children learned to bring their own cotton hankies, use less water when washing their hands and brushing their teeth, and reduce the amount of drawing papers on which they doodled. The children were also persuaded to continue saving energy at home, and demonstrated that they understood that turning off the TV and lights were practical steps they could take to achieve this. Nevertheless, they did not appear to grasp the idea of reusing plastic bags.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.