A Systematic Framework for Entrepreneurship Education within a University Context

  •  Astri Ghina    
  •  Togar Simatupang    
  •  Aurik Gustomo    


The importance of entrepreneurship education that positively impact on the creation of new ventures has been widely recognized. Although numerous studies of entrepreneurship education have been conducted within a university setting, the results are mostly fragmented. Therefore, by using a systematic framework, this research is focused on examining relevant learning and institutional supports within a university context for those who want to become successful entrepreneurs. This descriptive study is based on in-depth interviews with respondents at a private university. The gathered data are coded, and they result in a mapping of entrepreneurship education. There are some important findings from this research. One is that the university already has facilities to support learning within the institution, although it lacks in the management to optimize their utilization. The other is that the assurance of the students’ learning effectiveness is not well managed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.