Investigating Teachers’ Views of Student-Centred Learning Approach

  •  Ernest Seng    


Conventional learning is based on low levels of students’ participation where students are rarely expected to ask questions or to challenge the theories of the academic. A paradigm shift in curriculum has resulted in implementing student-centred learning (SCL) approach, putting students as the centre of the learning process. This mode of presentation has been implemented in the Malaysian classroom context. However, the shift in focus on learning from the conventional to the SCL has presented Malaysian educators with some challenges especially to move away from the ‘chalk and talk’ method of teaching used for decades in most classrooms in secondary schools. This study explores teachers’ views of SCL approach through individual in-depth interviews. Various themes emerged from the interviews. The findings provides evidence that teachers who exposed students to some elements of SCL, saw students actively engaged in the learning process, aware of their own responsibilities, sense of autonomy inlearning and learned from their experiences. However, there were some challenges and constraints faced by teachers in implementing SCL approach.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.