Student Teachers’ Changes in Perspective on Education News Reports: A Framework for Reading, Dialogue, and Reflection on Education News

  •  Shih-Hsiung Liu    


This study examines the changing perspectives of Taiwanese student teachers toward the news coverage of educational events by proposing a framework of reading, dialogue, and reflection on education-related news report. In this study, we enrolled 28 student teachers to participate in the framework, being practiced seven times. To validate the analytical results, we obtained primary research data by using a designed worksheet, dialogue observation, individual notebooks, and interviews. The analytic results show that the previous experiences of student teachers influenced they form perspectives on reported events, thereby facilitating in-group dialogue. Peers who express experiences similar to those reported in the events influence the perspectives of other participants by causing two types of changes: (a) alternative thoughts: expressing alternative opinions for confronting conflict; and (b) deepening thoughts: re-examining the conflict through reflection, and expressing a method of resolving conflicts by projecting personal experiences. The proposed framework can provide teacher educators with a curriculum program that encourages student teachers to broaden their awareness of biased news coverage of education, and to enhance their comprehension of educational practices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.