Taiwanese Parents’ Beliefs Regarding Young Children’s Art Education and the Actual Art Achievements of Children

  •  Ching-Yuan Hsiao    
  •  Tzu-Chi Pai    


The research goal is to ascertain the current beliefs of the parents of preschool children regarding art education in Taiwan. Background factors on the parents were tested to show the differences between the parents’ beliefs regarding art education and the actual art achievements of the children. From there, relationships between the beliefs and the actual achievements were analyzed and established. The researcher prepared the self-completion survey and distributed 300 copies to parents; 267 copies were returned with an effective return rate of 92.87%.The findings were as follows:

I. Preschool parents viewed children’s art education from four aspects–children’s artistic development, children’s art courses, parental art beliefs, and teachers’ professionalism in art.

II. Differences in the art education beliefs of preschool parents with different background factors:

A. Parents from different types of preschools show significant differences in terms of the children’s art curriculum.

B. Parents’ gender shows significant differences toward their beliefs regarding art education.

C. Parents’ education shows significance differences in the dimension of children’s art courses.

D. The location of the family residence shows significant differences in parental beliefs regarding art education.

III. Differences in children’s achievements in art education depend on the different background factors of the preschool parents:

A. The location of the family residence shows significant differences in children’s art satisfaction.

IV. Parental approval of children’s learning outcomes is in direct proportion to preschool parental beliefs regarding art education.

V. Preschool parental beliefs regarding art education are predictive of children’s learning outcomes, especially in the area of children’s art courses.

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